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About the Myerling

The Myerling is a private home offering the finest personalized care for the elderly, or anyone who needs assistance, at a reasonable cost. The Myerling has been in business since 1974 and has been and always will be the best choice in quality care.

The Myerling is a smaller facility owned by Laurie Kellenberger. Because of the size of the facility, the owner and staff are able to provide plenty of one-on-one interaction with each resident.

As a resident at the Myerling, you will not get lost in the crowd. The Myerling provides their residents with the best quality of life and independent lifestyle possible. The individual care and attention supersedes anyone in the area.

Residents, along with the employees, become part of the Myerling family. As the owner, Laurie plans special activities for the residents. Recently the residents churned butter which was then enjoyed with fresh homemade bread and jelly. On another occasion, the residents plucked the leaves off sprigs of spearmint from the garden which was then made into iced tea, the good old-fashioned way, and savored along with a salty snack. We also plan on making home made ice cream a couple of times a year.

The residents look forward to local community individuals and groups coming to the Myerling to sing with and for them, play the piano, perform dramas, play games and do activities, or simply visit with them.

Many Myerling residents also enjoy helping with daily activities (including setting tables, taking out the garbage, folding laundry, and putting away groceries) if they wish, or they can choose to let everything be taken care of for them. The Myerling tries to keep things as close to “home” as possible.

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